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This release is solely for the purpose of revising the BIRCH home page.


More modern looking web site


  • allow substitution of local content using
  • design is both desktop and mobile viewable. Looks good either in fullscreen or narrow window.
  • compatible with existing hierarchy of pages
  • page has to grab visitor who doesn't know what BIRCH is, but still be easy for BIRCH user who wants to find something.


Home Page Layout

We want a lot of links on the front page to make it easy to find things in a few clicks. You don't want to make the user explore a bunch of hierarchical menus.

  • Local identity
  • BIRCH splash logo
  • Version info
  • What is BIRCH (or do we put this into About page?)
  • Local advert
  • BIRCH News
  • New Users
  • Documentation
  • Program indices
  • Local databases
  • Local acknowledgements
  • Download button

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