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A directory has been created to hold files related to the BioLegato Helper Application project:

Tasks needed to prevent mucking up BIRCH before we implement


It may not be a foregone conclusion that these variables are stored in The problem is that for multiple platforms, you would need a separate file. Maybe we have a separate file just for helper applications.

The other question is regarding the assumption that on a multiplatform system, we set helper apps by platform. It is just as reasonable to set them by host. This is why the local.profile.source file idea was good, because you could do anything in this file.

Maybe the best option is to cover the main case in admin/profile.source, and still keep local.profile.source for more complex cases. In complex cases, the BIRCH administrator would have the skills to do what needed to be done anyway.

Do tasks that can't hurt the current function of BioLegato

This sounds like a job for a Python package.

This code reads a file that has a list of choices for each platform. The first item in the list is the default. What is the best format for this file? XML, or something like BoulderIO?

Each variable has to have a chooser, custom commad box, Set button and Test button. One problem with the chooser is that there may not be a way to populate it with choices from a file.

There are two possibilities:

In principal, this could be done by a wizard, but it's so easy to implement using BioLegato that we do that first. The wizard may not be necessary, because during a new install we just find the programs, and the only other time to change these variables is when we want to change them, and a wizard is probably overkill in this case.

Then, do those tasks that will implement the changes

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