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The BIRCH Testers group is a group of BIRCH users who volunteer to test new and existing features of BIRCH, and to provide feedback to help improve the BIRCH system. Feedback includes:


What is involved?

This should not involve a large time commitment. Fixes and new features will only be announced to Testers after some internal testing to make sure they appear to work. If we have a large enough group of Testers, then even if some testers simply don't have the time that week to test a given feature, there will be enough who are available to do the test, in any given week.

The testing process will probably go something like the:

  1. New feature or fix is announced by email
  2. New Development version of BIRCH is available on CCL system, or for download
  3. Testers go through test protocol. This may be a simple set of instructions, or something more elaborate, in the style of a BIRCH tutorial.
  4. Testers reply by email with results of the test and comments. It is critical that results be explained as precisely as possible, with enough detail to describe the result unambiguously. Where useful, testers should attach screen shots, system messages or output files to document results.

Who we're looking for

At present, this program is limited to students and staff at the University of Manitoba, but it may be expanded to BIRCH users elsewhere as we gain experience in the program.

In particular, we would welcome students already familiar with BIRCH, such as those who have taken the following courses:

Currently, BIRCH supports only MacOSX and Linux, so participation is limited to users of those systems.

What's in it for me?

How do I join?

Please contact Dr. Brian Fristensky by email at

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