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A semantic wiki for Science

Who is the target audience? 
all Life Scientists
What is the primary function of the wiki? 
allows the creation of nanopublications e.g. triples, such as protein A interacts with protein B
What 'reward model' do you use (if any)? 
nanopublications are being considered by publishers as legitimate references and may receive impact factors
What custom features are used? 
WikiData. The WikiData backend has been designed to support the storage of concepts in a very generic form, thereby trying to avoid as much as possible the exclusion of potential valuable information sources.

The ConceptWiki is a wiki system containing the biomedical terminology of Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) mapped where appropriate to the protein terminology from SwissProt, and disambiguated author pages and citations from PubMed. The ConceptWiki repository has recently added the data from ENZYME and subsequently will be expanded with the data from other collaborating groups such as chemical terminology from ChemSpider. Each concept is annotated with one or more semantic types and basic information, like a definition. The information in the system is stored and edited in a highly structured way, as triples (e.g. <concept A> <has synonym> <term B>). This compatibility with other information storage systems enables higher level applications to easily query, summarize and mine the knowledge. Experts who have published in PubMed have a personal ConceptWiki page. This page features their publications, their concepts of interests, and additional aliases. Each scientist represented has the opportunity to ‘authorize’ their page to confirm that the information shown is correct. Authors can edit the publication list; remove publications that have been assigned to them incorrectly or add publications that erroneously missed. Scientists can merge two pages that have been pre-constructed based on two variant spellings (synonyms) of their name to create a comprehensive page. A list of concepts derived from the publications as also shown and can be edited by choosing from the collection of well over a million biomedical concepts.

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