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Update: There is a working alpha, though it is not yet mature enough for release. Currently, we are working fixing remaining bugs in the installer, and git integration to facilitate testing.



This page is intended as a "launchpad" for all thing winbirch, to act as the winbirch root development site.\


Getbirch is now capable of installing winbirch inside of a cygwin environment, and calling biolegato. Remaining changes to winbirch involve changes to the framework, so priority for winbirch right now is to get the birchdev repository online.


Dependencies and Requirements

The cygwin.tar file will also need to contain the following packages:

How it works so far:

Pre-installation The user will need to have Java installed. The user will not even need python installed, since it will be included in cygwin, and the installer uses jython to circumvent the need for a C-based python interpreter.

snapshots available here

Future features

How can we install BIRCH on systems with limitted privelages?

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