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EasyBuild is a tool that allows you to easily deliver Bioinformatics tools (and not only), as long as you can provide a) a compiler, eg. gcc b) Python 2.x (for x>=4) c) environment-modules v3.2.10 or later. The net effect of this is that you get full freedom in the software environment, able to mix-n-match different versions etc.

As visible at http://hpcugent.github.io/easybuild/, EasyBuild is a software build and installation framework written in Python that allows you to install software in a structured, repeatable and robust way. It is motivated by the need for a tool that allows to:

Some key properties of EasyBuild:

A notable feature of EasyBuild is the exceptional handling of toolchains; for instance, the goolf toolchain includes Gcc-OpenMPI-OpenBLAS-scaLapack, FFTW. Using goolf, you can build mpiBLAST or R; then you can easily swap goolf with ictce, for deriving Intel builds. Finally, building for accelerators is substantially well structured: goolfc is basically goolf with CUDA; see GROMACS over goolfc!

You can see an example of what an HPC environment would look like, and how complex situations you can manage, over here: http://hpcbios.readthedocs.org/en/latest/HPCBIOS_2012-92.html

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