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On this page, you can get complete information about our course offerings available as part of the site license option.


Here is a summary of benefits:


Single User: $4000


A stripped down version of the Site License is available to academic and student customers, which does not include "Active Support". The single user cost is $2000

Multiple user discount are available in bundles of 5. Please contact us for details.

Adding more courses to your Site License

For a nominal fee of 20% of the full site license value, you can add our latest courses to your site license portfolio after your first year. Other benefits include:

Course shortcuts

You can click on these urls directly to enter the respective course pages

CS101A Perl Programming for Biologists, Level 1
CS102A Perl Programming for Biologists, Level 2

CS101B R Programming for Biologists, Level 1
CS102B R Programming for Biologists, Level 2

CS101C MySQL Database for Biologists, Level 1
CS102C MySQL Database for Biologists, Level 2

CS101D MATLAB for Biologists, Level 1

CS101E Python Programming for Biologists, Level 1

CS112A Image Processing for Biologists, Level 1

BI201A Gene Expression Analysis
BI201B SNP Genotyping Analysis

MA101A Distributions, Tests and Graphics (Biostatistics with R)

Software Development Support

As a value added service to those individuals and organizations that need more than instructor-led technical support for the course materials, we are offering additional layers of support for developing solutions to bioinformatics problems. If you would rather have us develop the software in Matlab, Perl, R, Python, Mysql or a combination of these and other languages, our in-house bioinformatics specialists can help you with that. This can be in the form of on-site assistance for a software solution you are trying to develop, or for having us develop it for you. Our rates range from $90 - $135 per hour.

Additional information

If you have any questions, please send a message to J.W. Bizzaro (login required) or call +1 978 562 4800.

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