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The Bioinformatics lab has its own infrastructure of machines

Logging into remote services

Name/IP Location Description Usage
E2-532 MacOSX workstation Development and testing for MacOSX
ACN Queue: bioinf_phaser
E2-532 Xerox Phaser Colour Printer General printing. Currently, this printer is connected to the Computer Science network. Files can be printed directly from albacore, or from the printer's ACN print queue
Agriculture 343 linux-intel workstation running Fedora 12 (32-bit)
Architecture: PentiumIV (32-bit)
This machine is primarily for testing software on older 32-bit linux systems. It is also used for presentation purposes. For that reason, it is housed at the podium in room 343, and connected to a data projector. Network access is not always guaranteed, because anyone can come into this room and move the Ethernet cable to their laptop.
139 Agriculture Backup server This is a 1 Tb storage device for backing up our machines. Currently, only the Mac is backed up, but other machines should be added.
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