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Installation Instructions

TCOFFEE 9.03.r1318 available in src

Old version binaries available in bin

Documentation for installation from source package available in doc

T-Coffee pre-compiled installer is not available for Windows operating system. Windows users need to compiled and install it using the source distribution package.

I tried its existing installation perl file - with minor modifications - through mingw. It doesn't get installed. The package developers recommend to install a Linux virtual machine on windows and install T-Coffee in the Linux virtual machine. But this solution is not reasonable for our case. The installation perl program does all the requirements for installation, from compiling the source, to compiling and installing some perl modules, to downloading, compiling, and installing all the other softwares it needs. There is not even a correct makefile to compile the sources regardless of installing perl modules. There are EXE files for older versions, but all need to cygwin1.dll.

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