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Rationale: There are many reasons why it makes sense to create videos of BIRCH


Screen Capture


Great video on how to make screen cast videos How To Record High Quality Screen Casts (With Sound) | Desktop Record | Ubuntu Linux [Full 1080p]

3 Best Apps to Record Screen in Linux|Capture Screen Videos / Screencast in Linux easily

How to record screencasts with recordMyDesktop

Screen recording


VLC - On maui, I was checking clips using VLC, and during the playback there was a lot of visual noise on the slide. This turned out to be an artifact of VLC on this machine, maybe due to an old video card. The clip was perfectly good when played on a different machine.
Electronic background noise - I had a terrible background hum, and after turning off all electrical devices, speakers and fluorescent lights, I learned that the hum was coming from the electrical cord for my heating pad (It's cold in the basement where I was recording!) The heating pad cord crossed the USB cable for the headset at a single spot, but that was enough to introduce a hum into the recording. This took a long time to isolate.

Screen Zooming

Zooming is not part of the functionality of most screen capture programs.

So far, we've been using Compiz, but with Ubuntu 20, I don't know if it's available. However, zooming done using the Compiz window manager. This is supposed to be part of the Ubuntu Mate release.

Two potential zoom alternatives are xzoom and magnus.

To turn on Compiz, go to MATE Tweak --> Windows and choose "Compiz".

Compiz settings are set in System --> Preferences --> Look and Feel --> Compiz Config Settings manager.

Specific buttons that control zooming can be set in the Enhanced Zoom Desktop menu.

To choose Compiz, check "Enable MATE Compatability". In CompizConfig Settings Manager

In Compiz, Button 4 refers to scrolling the mouse in, Button 5 refers to scrolling the mouse out. "Super" refers to the Windows key.

By default, the Windows key is held down to scroll in and out with the mouse. This is bad, because the Windows key also opens the Main Menu in Mate! We can change it in the Compiz Settings Manager. Go to Accessibility --> Enhanced Zoom Desktop. Change Zoom In Button and Zoom Out Button to CTRL-WINDOWS. That way, you have to hold down both keys to zoom in and out. If you release them, zooming stops.

So when setting zoom in, it's Control-Super-Button4 and for Zoom Out it's Control-Super-Button5

Hints for Efficient, High Quality Recording

Recording computer demos can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Here are some practices that make for better recording of film clips, and make editing easier.

Video Editing

[9 Best Free Video Editing programs]


For now we'll assume YouTube.


YouTube recommends the following settings:

BIRCH Channel:

Planned videos

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