JaMBW 1.1

Welcome to the first public release of JaMBW, the Java based Molecular Biologist's Workbench ideated, coordinated by Luca I.G.TOLDO User Consultant at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory of Heidelberg, and realized thanks to the coding efforts of :Rob Beynon, Eugen Buehler, Ramu Chenna, Andrey Grigoriev, James Knight, Elizabeth Odekirk, PHD Computer Consultant Ltd., Luca I.G. Toldo and Dirk Walther.

What is beneath this page:

***NOTE FROM BIOINFORMATICS.ORG: JaMBW is not an open-source project but is provided here as a free online tool. The license doesn't permit decompiling, but Luca Ida Giovanni Toldo (the author) has communicated the following:

All the source code could be easily generated automatically with [DJ Java Decompiler], and I would have no objection of making that source opensource: it could even bring "more life" to the project as well as facilitate some didactic use (e.g. see how given algorithms work).

If an open-source version of JaMBW is not provided to the community, this software will not be permanently hosted at Bioinformatics.Org.


The programs and documentation that you will find hereby enclosed had been put together in order to try to give a free access to the exploitment of the most common bioinformatic operations that a molecular biologist currently has. The peculiar aspect of JaMBW, however, is to take advantage of the foremost developments in computer science in order to deliver information in a way simple to use. The latter includes, therefore, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, plug-and-play. Most of these requirements are met by the use of Java programming language conformant to the JDK1.02 specifications. To the user of these resources, however, the implementation details are of null interest. And thus JaMBW, simple to use, "runs" everywhere, is simple to install and to get rid of, is free.

What is not

JaMBW in its current release is certainly *NOT* a complete molecular biology software package. It might become, and if it will be so depends very much from your support and feedback.

Tested on

JaMBW is designed to be able to provide its services regardless to the kind of computer, operating system, and software the user has available. The only foundation on which it relies is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Exists JVM for almost any kind of computer and operating system, and in the near future it will probably be included as component of each operating system. At the time of this release, however, JVM is not yet included automatically in each computer but is rather simple to do that. Infact, exist several programs that include the JVM into their own capabilities, and the resources here provided had been indeed tested with the following combinations of hardware and software. The following list, however, is not restrictive and it might be well happen that your setup although not included in the following list indeed works. Would not be the case, please inform me.
HardwareOperating SystemJVM
Apple PowerPC7.5.3Sun JDK 1.02
Netscape Navigator 3.01
Netscape Communicator 4.0b2
Symantec Caffeine
Metrowerks gold 9.0
Apple MRJ 1.0b1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
IBM CompatibleWindows 95Netscape 3.01
Netscape Communicator 4.0b2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
Windows NTNetscape 3.01
Netscape Communicator 4.0b2
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
Linux 2.0Netscape 3.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
Silicon GraphicsIrix 5.3Netscape 3.01
Digital Equipment CorporationUltrixNetscape 3.01
UltraSparc 1Sun OS 5.4HotJava
Netscape 3.0


I have performed thorough debugging and checked each of the operations of all the programs and contents of the information and services provided you by JaMBW. However, errors are human and therefore I request you to notify any error / malfunctioning / imperfection that you could discover. This implies that although the software is provided as-is (and thus I assume no responsibility on the consequences of its use even if done appropriately), the best will be done in order to include your comments / reports in the online and future versions of it.

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JaMBW Editor:Luca I.G. TOLDO, Edition date: 28 February 1997