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For those who might be interested in their gene cloning/gene editing service, here is the link.

"John G. Hoey, Ph.D." <drjohn08318 at yahoo.com> wrote:If you're looking for just the information related to this clone, go to ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.  Type in the accession number. If you want the actual gene itself, you can use a company such as Napro Genomics to isolate it for you.  Incidentally, they do terrific work....highly recommended!

Iddo Friedberg <idoerg at burnham.org> wrote:

Goneau & Lemens wrote:
> I am looking for Genbank accession number AB047240
> Do not know where to go, Can somebody help me.
> Thanks in advance
> Denis.
> Goneau & Lemens
> Intellectual Property Library
> PatentWorks Group
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> 170 St-Joseph Boul.
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> Fax (819)772-0061
> email: patents at patentworks.com 
> web: www.patentworks.com 
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