[BiO BB] Ph.D. in Belgium or MRes in UK ?

Michael Jennings michael_jennings at mail.ru
Thu Jul 22 19:57:01 EDT 2004

> Hello,

Hello Back~!

> I already have a M.D. in biomedical science and I am
> actually pursuing a Ph.D. in Belgium (2nd of 4 years
> in fundamental neuroscience, with no practical
> application). Having an equal interest in computer
> programming, I wonder if it wouldn't be better for me
> (future job, well-being, ...) to follow a MRes in
> bioinformatics during one year, in the UK.

That's a tough one ... but I wouldn't quit your PhD just yet ... you can manouever
inside the topic?

> In the first case, I would be a Ph.D. in 2 years but
> no industrial/practical abilities. In the second case,
> I would be a M.D. in 1 year with (what I think are)
> more practical abilities.

I've seen plenty of PhDs that have no practical application - that is not the point.
The PhD is a piece of paper that states that you have joined the 'club'.
I quite mine in nuclear physics to study in biotech (duh~!)
Nuc was boring - and not particualr safe (lots of DS breaks) ... and most graduates went
on to be computer programmers ... or public servants. It wasn't even the industry that someone with 
half a brain would want to work in ....

> What do you think?

I would rework your topic - submit it - and then go and retrain in whatever you want.
A PhD represents what you know about a particular topic at a certain point in time.
They are potential fickle - and troublesome.
Get it - and get out.
Then the world is your Oyster~!



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