[BiO BB] RasMol mailing list becomes Molecular Visualization list at Bioinformatics.Org

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Thu Nov 4 00:23:01 EST 2004

This was posted on BiO News a few days ago:

The RasMol mailing list at UMass Amherst is now the Molecular 
Visualization list at Bioinformatics.Org:

``Molvis-list is for discussion of molecular visualization software, 
especially free software and its uses in education, such as MDL Chime, 
Protein Explorer, and RasMol, among many. Technical questions, `How do I 
...', comparisons between software packages, or questions about pros and 
cons, are welcome. Discussions may include molvis packages that have 
their own dedicated email lists, such as Jmol or DeepView, although 
technical questions about those packages should be sent to their 
dedicated lists. Discussions may also include commercial molvis software 

``Subscribers with commercial affiliations are welcome. Advertising is 
prohibited, but occasional, brief, low-key announcements of commercial 
products of interest to the subscribership are welcome, as are 
announcements of relevant meetings, positions available or sought.

``Before broadcasting questions to this list, please see Frequently 
Asked Questions (FAQ). Molvis-list was founded in 1995 (originally as 
the `RasMol list') by Eric Martz of the University of Massachusetts, 
Amherst (USA). The list was moved from umass.edu to bioinformatics.org 
in November, 2004. The number of subscribers has remained steady at 
around 600 since 2001. Traffic averages 1-2 messages/day.''


Mailman page for the list:

New subscriptions are welcome. Please see the above URL to subscribe.

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