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Purchase books online and help Bioinformatics.Org at the same time! 
Bioinformatics.Org announces membership in the Barnes & Noble Affiliates 
Program.  We have created one of the largest and best organized book 
lists for bioinformatics on the Internet: 30 sections, 128 entries and 
counting!  Just click on a cover image and make the purchase via the B&N 
website.  5.5% of the purchase price goes to Bioinformatics.Org to help 
us with operations, but you get THE SAME PRICE as if you shopped 
directly at B&N.

Preliminary sections include the following:

General, introductory texts

     * General (introduction to) bioinformatics
     * General (introduction to) computational biology
     * General (introduction to) computational bio/chemistry and
     * General (introduction to) scientific computing

Computing for biology

     * General software development for biology
     * Artificial intelligence and machine learning for biology
     * Databases, knowledgebases and data mining for biology
     * Biomathematics, biostatistics and biological modeling with

Biology with computers

     * Evolutionary analysis, phylogenetics and systematics with
     * Genomics, genetics and related sequence analysis with computers
     * Proteomics and protein science with computers
     * Structure/function analysis and modeling with computers
     * Biopathways and biochemical simulation with computers
     * Biochip and microarray analysis with computers
     * Drug design and discovery with computers

Selected topics in biology

     * General biology
     * Biochemistry
     * Biophysics and physical biochemistry
     * Biological structure and function
     * Drug design and discovery

Selected topics in computer science

     * General software development
     * Artificial intellegence
     * Databases, knowledgebases, and data mining
     * Mathematics, statistics and modeling
     * Performance and cluster computing


     * New releases
     * Reference: dictionaries and encyclopedias
     * Opinion and ideology
     * Technical writing
     * Special O'Reilly section


Note that some sections are incomplete.  Suggestions are welcome.

All other books purchased with the Bioinformatics.Org source ID will 
contribute a percentage to our operations too:


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