[BiO BB] Need installation of Bio software on Mac

Corentin Cras-Méneur cortig at free.fr
Tue Jun 14 12:23:29 EDT 2005

À 12:38 +0200 le 06/10/05, Dr. Christoph Gille a écrit:
>Instead of CLUSTALW you select MUSCLE or DIALIGN-t.  An automated
>installing process is started and "make" is run.
>I guess that Mac (though it is some sort of UNIX) has no C-compiler
>and probably this installation process will fail until Gnu C-compiler
>is installed.

I have gcc 3 and 4 on my Mac (Part of X-Code 2.1 
on MacOS X 10.4). When I tried to install 
DIALIGN-t, the app downloaded the sources then 
warned me that it had failed to launch dialign-t. 
The same warning asked me to copy the 
dialign-t.exe binary to a specific location on my 

If I take the precompiled binaries available on 
the dialign-t website and place them where Strap 
asks em to, I still get the same error warning if 
I try to align using dialign-t (a problem with 
the name of the binary that sure doesn't have the 
.exe ??)


PS: I also noticed that your app installs the 
java version of CLUSTALW instead of using the 
regular compiled binaries which are much much 
faster. It actually doesn't even tries to launch 
CLUSTALW on the Mac. I have it installed in 
/usr/local/bin (which is in my $PATH) but Strap 
still downloaded and built the Java version.

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