[BiO BB] Starting point EST annotation/grouping

Bossers, Alex Alex.Bossers at wur.nl
Thu Aug 10 08:20:52 EDT 2006

Dear all,


I am looking for a point where to start in "annotating" our groups of



            I have a DB containing my 13k ESTs. 

            I clustered/assembled them after cleaning using the Tiger
TGICL tools.

            Now I have a "unigene list" of contigs and singletons (about
7k features).

            BLAST made it possible to "annotate" about half of the
sequences further with known (useful) information.


Now I want to do the following (at best using (semi) automated
conditions (web based or linux based tools));

1.       I would like to know how many genes of which groups/classes are
available and which genes of my set belong to it (i.e. Apoptosis,
development, immunology,........ This is to get an overview of the genes
present and how complete the repertoire is we finally put onto our

2.       Are some of these genes normally tissue specific?



Any help to get me started into the right direction is appreciated,





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