[BiO BB] looking for a tool for producing intron/exon structures

lichunjiang lichunjiang at sibs.ac.cn
Sun Jun 11 21:03:10 EDT 2006

hi,does www.ensembl.org meet your need?-if genome of the orgnism is
included in ensembl.
Lichun Jiang

> I am looking for a software that can produce a
> visualization of the gene model (intron/exon
structure) if I tell it the genomic sequence of the
> gene and the
CDNA. I need the software to be able to
> produce a figure that
can be used for publications.
> Any pointers are appreciated. I
searched through the
> archive and could not find any hits. Thanks
> advance.
> Do You
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lichunjiang at sibs.ac.cn
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,
Shanghai Institutes for
Biological Sciences,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
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