[BiO BB] Re: Issue about Spam

Xiaowei JIANG xiaowei.jiang at msn.com
Wed Nov 29 13:31:38 EST 2006

Dear Jeff and other fellows,

I thank you for your reply.

I am sorry to put this topic here (not necessarily related to
I kindly inform everyone in this group that you should carefully choose your
email address for the discussion purpose in this group.
Because there is  a probability (recently I have got 5 spams, so you should
have the same chance to get spams as I do) that your email address can be
collected by Spambots from Internet.

So you should keep that in mind before this issue is smartly solved since
the Spambots nowadays are getting smart. :)

P.S. The spam is a kind of fraud email related to research funding stuff.

Kind regards,
Xiaowei JIANG 

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