[BiO BB] Structural bioinformatics and computational biophysics ISMB satellite meeting

Rafael Najmanovich rafael.najmanovich at ebi.ac.uk
Tue May 22 06:48:07 EDT 2007

On behalf of the 3DSig organising committee,

	I would like to bring to your attention the approaching deadline to  
submit an abstract to the forthcoming 3DSig 2007: Structural  
bioinformatics and computational biophysics ISMB satellite meeting to  
be held on July 19-20 in Vienna, Austria.


	The deadline for abstract submissions is June 1st. Authors can  
choose to present their contribution as a laptop presentation and/or  
a poster (which may be the same as that to be presented in the main  
ISMB event). Furthermore, contributions can be selected for oral  

	Registration for 3DSig does not require registration for the main  
ISMB event.

	The third 3Dsig meeting will consist of two full days with a balance  
of invited talks, short oral presentations, two laptop/poster- 
sessions, critical, topic-focused discussions and a dinner session. A  
truly unique event bringing together in one place the structural  
computational biology community.

Relevant topics include among others:

	Structure representation, structure prediction, structural genomics
	Structural databases and 3D data mining
	Structure-based function prediction
	Evolution studied through structure
	Protein-protein, protein-ligand, and protein-RNA/DNA interactions  
(docking, analysis & prediction)
	Prediction and analysis of domains
	Membrane protein structure prediction and analysis
	The role of geometry and energetics in protein and RNA structure and  
	Protein and RNA dynamics and simulation: folding, stability,  
interactions, conformational gating
	Computer-aided protein and RNA design
	Structure-based drug design and pharmacophore analysis

	3Dsig 2007 is continuing the tradition established through the  
successful 3Dsig 2006 and 3Dsig 2004. To better appreciate the wealth  
of leading topics and presenters, please explore the programs and  
proceedings from past 3Dsig 2004 and 2006 meetings. The program will  
be built around talks from accepted abstracts and invited speakers.

	The scientific committee is looking for fresh, effective voices with  
new, high impact ideas. Accepted abstracts will fall into two  
categories: oral presentation and laptop/poster presentation.  
Participants with accepted abstracts for the latter type will have  
the choice of presenting their work as either a regular poster, a  
laptop presentation, or a combination thereof. Those choosing to use  
a laptop to substitute or augment their poster presentation will have  
a stand or table and electric socket for a personal laptop  
(presenters must bring their own laptops). The aim of the poster/ 
laptop session is to facilitate interactions between the presenter  
and the viewers.


	Looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!

Dr. Rafael Najmanovich
European Bioinformatics Institute
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Cambridge CB10 1SD
United Kingdom

rafael.najmanovich [at] ebi.ac.uk - www.ebi.ac.uk/~rafi
+44-1223-492599 (voice) +44-7951-394145 (mobile) +44-1223-494468 (fax)

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