[BiO BB] Perl & R courses for the first quarter of 2008

J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Tue Jan 15 16:20:48 EST 2008


Our latest course offerings are outlined below.  They are being offered from January 21 through February 15.

Perl for Biologists, Level 1; Jan 21-25 (http://wiki.bioinformatics.org/CS101A_Perl_for_Biologists,_Level_1)

R for Biologists, Level 1; Jan 28-Feb 1 (http://wiki.bioinformatics.org/CS101B_R_for_Biologists,_Level_1)
Perl for Biologists, Level 2; Feb 4-8 (http://wiki.bioinformatics.org/CS102A_Perl_for_Biologists,_Level_2)

R for Biologists, Level 2; Feb 11-15 (http://wiki.bioinformatics.org/CS102B_R_for_Biologists,_Level_2)
These online courses offer several advantages to scientists over books and self-paced learning:

- In-depth courses with innovative, easy-to-understand materials (slides, scripts and datasets)

- Live instruction is done online via streaming multimedia with shorter, distributed sessions and plenty of time for assignments.

- Opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification

- Recorded videos of lectures and materials, which are available indefinitely for attendees

- Discussion forums for students and instructors to share expertise and information

Discounts are available for those in non-profit organizations and those who are unemployed.  Please check the description pages for details.

Thank you, and please forward this information to others who may find this useful.
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