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"GENETICALLY YOURS-Bioinforming, Biopharming, and Biofarming" by Hwa A
Lim (D'Trends, Inc., USA).

Written by a pioneer and authority, this invaluable book covers all the
key aspects and current affairs in the field of biotechnology, with
topics ranging from genome projects, through animal and human cloning,
to biowarfare.

* * Reviews for the book * *
"This thoughtful and provocative book comes at the perfect time, when so
many questions are being raised about this field. Hwa Lim has been
pivotal in establishing and shaping the field of
bioinformatics, his book will open this world to many others."

Malorye A. Branca
Vice President
Cambridge Healthtech Institute Publications, USA


"As an "outsider" to this extremely hot field of research and business,
I am awed by the clarity and simplicity this author is able to transmit
to the readers. As the Vice President for Research of a growing research
university with fast and robust growing activity in this area, I have
tried, in vain, to read other books about this subject. I usually am
more confused by jargons beyond my grasp. This is the first book I read
who tells me what it was, what it is, where it is, and where it is
expected to be in the years to come. I can only say, BRAVO!"

Da Hsuan Feng, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Graduate Education and Professor of
Office of the Vice President for Research & Graduate Education
University of Texas at Dallas, USA


"This book is thoroughly documented and contains all you need to know to
be really on top of the biotech subject. Genetically Yours is a true
"Bio-Bible", and I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in the
field to read it. As well as Hwa A. Lim's field of expertise
helps us to algorithmically decipher the complex world of genes, his
books gives us a comprehensive understanding of the biotech industry. "

Olivier Griperay
Vice President, Biotech Projects
Invest in France Agency North America
The French Agency for International Investment, USA


"A topical book, well timed and beautifully written by one of the
foremost and dynamic proponents of the field of Genetics and its impact
on our daily lives, especially on the fields of medicaments, food and
informatics. With this book, Hwa Lim does an admirable service to
professionals and lay persons alike, assembling and nicely presenting
the Genetics scientific
facts and findings, and their socio-economic and business implications.
His immaculate discussion of the genetic composition of humans and other
living creatures and commodities, makes us hope that he will soon take
on the challenge of covering the spiritual dimension, because that holds
a few relevant variables that beg to be addressed."

Salah H. Mandil, PhD
Vice President eStrategies,
WiseKey SA, Geneva,
and previously:
Director, Health Informatics & Telematics,
World Health Organisation, Geneva


"In this book, Dr. Hwa A. Lim succinctly captures the genomics
revolution offering the reader excellent view of the knowledge and
opportunities available in modern biological sciences. It's a very
comprehensive review on genomics, bioinformatics, biotech and related

This book brilliantly describes the post genomics era giving information
on biotechnology approaches that are available today which will allow
major advances in medicine and agriculture in the very near future.

As the global head of Functional Genomics at Novartis, and being very
close to this field, I am certain that this book offers scientists and
non-scientists a unique opportunity to grasp the major scientific
advances of our times. It's a must read for anyone interested in a fresh
perspective of these fast moving fields."

Dalia Cohen, Ph.D
Vice President
Gloabl Head Of Functional Genomics
Noavartis Pharmaceutical, USA

"This informative and comprehensive book nicely brings out role of
bioinformatics and genomics in biotechnology research. Dr Hwa Lim has
done an excellent job in addressing scientific, economic and social
aspects of this new evolving branch of life sciences. This book comes at
a perfect time."

T.V.Venkatesh, Ph.D.
Project Leader (Bioinformatics)
Monsanto & Company, USA


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