[Bioclusters] xraid

Elia Stupka bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 18:33:01 +0800

Hello there,

Does anybody how many servers can you connect to an Xserve RAID without 
losing too much performance?

My understanding is that it has two 200GB/s ports and the best 
performance is by using both to do full-duplex and achieve 400GB/s, so 
basically best to attach it in duplex to one server.

I am trying to understand what would be the best value/money if one 
wanted to have 6 database servers (let's say G5s with fibre channel 
card) and each of the db servers have very good bandwith to the 
storage, and all of the storage expandable. Would it be 6 servers, 6 
XRAIDS (money permitting), 6 servers 3 XRAIDS, or 6 servers 1 XRAID?


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