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LAI Loong Fong bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 20:06:13 +0800

Hi Elia,
I have not tested the XRAID myself, so I cannot really comment on how well
will it perform with different number of servers.

But one thing you have to bear in mind is, if you have more than 2 servers
connecting to an XRAID, you will need to buy a FC-Hub/Switch which can
itself be more expensive than the XRAID. Also there is no indication of
which FC-Hub/Switch that the XRAID is compatible with. You will also need to
know which chipset Apple is using for their FC-card.

On XRAID webpage, they mention you can have 2 connections from a server to
the 2 controllers on the XRAID, does that means OSX have support for

LAI Loong Fong

On 22/7/03 6:33 PM, "Elia Stupka" <elia@tll.org.sg> wrote:

> Hello there,
> Does anybody how many servers can you connect to an Xserve RAID without
> losing too much performance?
> My understanding is that it has two 200GB/s ports and the best
> performance is by using both to do full-duplex and achieve 400GB/s, so
> basically best to attach it in duplex to one server.
> I am trying to understand what would be the best value/money if one
> wanted to have 6 database servers (let's say G5s with fibre channel
> card) and each of the db servers have very good bandwith to the
> storage, and all of the storage expandable. Would it be 6 servers, 6
> XRAIDS (money permitting), 6 servers 3 XRAIDS, or 6 servers 1 XRAID?
> Elia
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