[Bioclusters] what motherboards are people using for dual Athlon boxes?

Borries Demeler bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 5 Mar 2003 18:21:10 -0600 (CST)

We have bought three Tyan MB's for testing about a year ago and
had lots of stability problems with them until bios upgrades
fixed most of the problems. Never had a single problem with 
the Asus boards, and we have since built 2 clusters using the 
Asus boards, and are very happy with both performance and stability.
They also don't seem to be too picky about the memory, we've
been able to run the cheap generic stuff in one of them we use for 
video processing.

Maybe it's just having been lucky, but I would recommend going
with the Asus.


> Hi folks,
> Anyone using anything other than Tyan mainboards for dual-AMD cluster 
> systems? Anyone with happy/unhappy motherboard related issues with 
> AMD-based systems?
> I've got a client who is looking at a bunch of vendor proposals for 
> 2.8ghz dual-Xeon cluster systems and several for dual Athlon MP2600+ 
> systems. One vendor is even quoting MP2800+ cpus which do not seem to be 
> officially released yet in volume from AMD. heh.
> Personally I've never had problems with Tyan but the customer has had 
> Tyan-related mainboard issues in the past and in general seems to feel a 
> slight sense of unease in that 100% of the Athlon-based proposals so far 
> are using Tyan boards. They are wondering if there are any serious 
> non-Tyan mainboards available that are suitable for dual-AMD use in a 
> technical computing environment. I'm guessing choice is pretty limited.
> What are people here using? Any recommendations? Are the current 
> generation dual-AMD server boards from Tyan giving anyone problems?
> Booards that I've seen in some the proposals:
> Compute nodes: (Tyan S2722) & (Tyan S2466N-4M)
> Head nodes   : (Tyan S2469) & (Tyan S2466N-4M)
> Regards,
> Chris
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