[Bioclusters] Opteron 248 HEating Issues

LAI Loong Fong bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 03 Aug 2004 21:21:55 +0800

We are running the Opteron 248 from HP, IBM and Sun for a while and did not
encounter any heating problems. We are also looking at the Opteron 250 now.

LAI Loong-Fong

On 3/8/04 2:37 AM, "Steve Pittard" <wsp@emory.edu> wrote:

> Hello, Is anyone aware of heating issues specifically
> relating to the Opteron 248s  (as opposed to
> 246s and below) ? I ask only because I have been evaluating
> some cluster technology based on the Opteron 248s and was
> told by one vendor that they were having to rethink their
> cooling stratgey specifically for the 248s and above.
> Evidently they are reacting to a particular heat dissipation
> issue specific to the 248. This could be simply because
> they weren't dealing adequately with cooling on Opterons
> in general and are having to find a better solution though
> they were representing the thermal issue as specific to
> the 248s. Thanks
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