[Bioclusters] Re : Problem starting sge_schedd in Startupitems in OS X

Barry J Mcinnes Barry.J.Mcinnes at noaa.gov
Mon Apr 25 15:13:40 EDT 2005

I spent a lot of time spinning wheels on this. I started with the
standard Startup script, massaged it, renamed it, put diagnostic lines
it it, and finally put delays (sleep) at the start of it, which
eventually made it work 4 out of 5 times on reboot. When it fails, an
immediate startup by hand would always work.
In the end I stopped trying to use SGE via StartupItems, and now run a
cron job, which if the sge process is not running start it -> no more
problems, its always running on the client.
FWIW, I did even try the PBS startup script in test mode, which never
fails, so I still do not know why SGE startup fails randomly.

barry.j.mcinnes at noaa.gov

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