[Bioclusters] re: software skills course

Tim Booth tbooth at ceh.ac.uk
Wed Aug 10 12:41:17 EDT 2005

Hi Greg + list people,

As part of a bioinformatics group in Oxford, UK, I was involved in
putting on a similar (2 day) course in Perl.  The notes and exercises
are on the web:


The audience ranged from complete programming novices to some with
moderate coding experience, so we got some good feedback on how the
scientists approached the programming concepts, though we didn't cover
anything particularly advanced or get into software design,
re-usability, testing regimes etc.

Also, though I have been programming for years I have never got around
to learning Python so this looks like a great time to learn the basics
while reviewing your notes.  I don't think I'll be able to make it over
for the trial run of the course :-( but I'd really like to see the
materials, and will send feedback.  I may even be able to find a real
scientist to try them out on!



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> Hi,
> I'm working with support from the Python Software Foundation to develop
> an open source course on basic software development skills for people
> with backgrounds in science and engineering.  I have a beta version of
> the course notes ready for review, and would like to pull in people
> in sci&eng to look it over and give me feedback.  If you know anyone
> who fits this bill (particularly people who might be interested in
> following along with a trial run of the course this fall), I'd be
> grateful for pointers.
> Thanks,
> Greg Wilson

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