[Bioclusters] The Scriptome now has mailing lists

Amir Karger akarger at CGR.Harvard.edu
Thu Jul 21 16:01:58 EDT 2005

[Apologies for cross-posting]

A few months ago, I introduced the Scriptome
(http://cgr.harvard.edu/cbg/scriptome), a new cookbook/toolbox of Perl
one-liners that allows non-programmer biologists to manipulate their data.  

I've just created some mailing lists, so I don't have to clutter this list
anymore. The scriptome-announce list will be  very low traffic (maybe 1
email per month), and scriptome-users will (hopefully) be busier. Subscribe
to either or both at http://bioinformatics.org/mail/?group_id=505 

Many of you already know how to program, but I'm hoping you'll let some
non-geeks know about this resource - or maybe help build it. Now that we've
got 40 or 50 tools on the website  we would love to get feedback from Real
Biologists and the people who support them.


- Amir Karger
Computational Biology Group
Bauer Center for Genomics Research
Harvard University

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