[Molvis-list] ProteinWorkshop: new free cross-platform viewer aimed at image quality

John Beaver jbeaver at sdsc.edu
Mon Jul 24 14:42:55 EDT 2006

Hi. I just came across this mailing list, and thought I'd try to
publicize a new free visualization tool written by the RCSB PDB, named
ProteinWorkshop. It was released at the beginning of the year, and is
now quite stable.


Find it under the image on the right side of any protein Structure
Summary page at www.pdb.org <http://www.pdb.org/> . 



-          No installation required (uses Java WebStart)

-          Easy to use interface (follow the numbers on the side panel)

-          Cross-platform (written in Java)

-          Excellent image quality (uses OpenGL)

-          Images can be saved at any size (dependent on the amount of
system ram your computer has)

-          Actively maintained (no known bugs)

-          Based on the Molecular Biology Toolkit (mbt.sdsc.edu)


If anyone is interested, we also have written a (free) tool for the IEDB
(immune epitope database), also using the MBT, which is aimed at
visualizing and analyzing immonologically interesting structures.

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