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bioLegato is a programmable graphic interface capable of handling a wide range of data types. bioLegato is:

bioLegato takes its initial inspiration from Steven Smith's GDE interface. Project page:

BioLegato internal menu format ideas
Unknown future TODO
Current version TODO List

PCD - Pythonesque Command Definition

PCDEdit - Graphical PCD editor

PCDEdit is a graphical editor that allows the BIRCH administrator to create and modify PCD menus. It should currently be considered an experimental application.

Semi-automated Add-Ons

Creation of the BioPCD language has drastically simplified the process of adding a program to a local copy of BioLegato. However, it still requires enough steps that would be daunting to most biologists. The architecture of BIRCH and BioLegato lends itself to automating almost all of these parts. This project would create a BioLegato Add-On wizard that would take as its starting point any 3rd party package that was installed on the user's system. The wizard would walk the user through the process of selecting files and directories for executables, documentation and ancillary data files (eg. scoring matrices, alternative genetic codes, lists of restriction enzyme recognition sequences). The wizard would create the appropriate environment variables and file paths, and a sample menu that suggests input file filters, program parameters, and viewers for displaying output. Finally, the wizard would let the user edit the menus and shell commands, until a working menu was achieved. The wizard would also have a mechanism for submitting the final menu as a BioLegato Add-On. The Add-On would be vetted and refined by Bit lab staff, and published to our web site, or directly incorporated into a subsequent release of BIRCH.


Table Canvas


Need a full functioned Find built into the table. Find should tell you how many hits were found, automatically select the rows (or cells?), have an next and previous feature. Search by regular expression, ignore case... the usual stuff.


bltable is a bioLegato interface for tabular data.

bltable ToDo List


bldb is a bioLegato interface for data objects. It is intended as a database client.

bldb concept


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