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Dale's WinBirch page (obsolete)

There is no such thing as a "Windows version of BIRCH".
The goal of the WinBirch project is to add Windows compatability to the platform-independent BIRCH framework, and to create binaries that will run on Windows.


Special considerations of Windows

This is a summary of the challenges that we face:

Now do you see why I didn't create BIRCH on Windows? - BF

Compiling Windows Binaries (Maryam, Graham)

Windows Binaries Page

I can lend aid in compiling missing binaries on windows, as I have the most experience with it so far.

The sources that I have may be found here, and the tools to compile them here -Dale

Getting the BIRCH installer to work on Windows (Dale, Graham)

There is currently a working version of getbirch 1.0 for installing Winbirch, though it is no longer in active development.

Getbirch 2.0 will fully support winbirch installs, and expand upon the existing functionality.

Attention needs to be given to bioLegato to ensure that it is running correctly.


Default tools for viewing files on Windows

BioLegato needs to be able to launch local applications to view files such as bitmap graphics, text, PDFs etc. Some of these are available by default on Windows, but for some we will have to include them with BIRCH.

Programs already available on a default Windows system

file type program comments
plain text notepad
HTML Internet Explorer
bitmap graphics
(eg. jpg, png)
Paint Or else, we could ship a single viewer to handle PDFs and images, such as evince, or sumatra

Programs that will have to be included with BIRCH for Windows

file type program comments
PDF, PostScript evince evince

has a "quiet" option for install (simplifying things for user)

PDF, PostScript Sumatra sumatra with ps-to-pdf converter
spreadsheet Bean Sheet bean sheet
This link is dead. Is there another location?

Modifying BIRCH scripts to run on Windows (Brian, Maryam, Graham)

Many shell and even some Python scripts have case statements that, based on the $BIRCH_PLATFORM environment variable do things like

Testing (Drexler, Brian, Maryam)

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