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Bio2RDF + Manual for instructions on the download and use of this software  +
BioFoundation.Net + Doing bio-science and living a biological life can be fun and profitable.  +
BioPedia + Bio-Pedia is an openfree bioinfomation encyclopedia.  +
BioPerl Wiki + A community effort to produce Perl code which is useful in biology.  + + is an openfree editable directory of Bio-companies of the world.  +
Bioinformatics.Org Wiki + Serves the scientific and educational needs of bioinformatic practitioners and the general public  + + Instructions for compiling Bioinformatics software from source code  +
Biomatics.Org + The seamless development of mathematics and computation from a few clearly stated axioms and rules of inference in pure logic as embodied in an atomic/molecular medium  + + Who's Who in biology  + + Biologists need philosophy as the first thing in their career  + + A virtual organization and portal to help build openfree hypertext(wiki) sites for all kinds of biology research and development activities.  +
Brede Wiki + Structured information from neuroscience  +
Bvio + The freest knowledge depot on the net.  +


CCP4 users' wiki + CCP4 users' wiki  +
CHDWiki + For geneticists, clinicians, and molecular biologists working on Congenital Heart Defects  + + A semantic wiki for Science  +


DrugMet + This wiki is part of a project at the bioclipse group at inst. for Pharm Biosc at Uppsala University, to integrate the Bioclipse software with Semantic MediaWiki for integrating, curating and analysing metabolomics (and similar) data.  +


EcoliWiki + EcoliHub's subsystem for community annotation.  +


GMOD Wiki + Homepage for the the Generic Model Organism Database project  +
GONUTS + GONUTS is a Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System.  +
Gene Ontology Consortium Wiki + There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, or search the related logs.  +
Gene Wiki + Working towards a review article for every human gene, on Wikipedia  +
Genomics.Org + openfree Genomic$.org open hypertext for Everyone  +


Jmol Wiki + This is the homepage for the Jmol Community Wiki.  +


MetaBase + The database of biological databases.  +
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