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Results table

The results table on the BioWiki page is generated using the SMW 'tabular output' recipe at The table uses the following components:

If you want to change the table layout, you will have to edit all three templates together with the query (on the BioWiki page). IDE anyone?

BioWiki pages

The BioWiki pages are generated and edited using the 'BioWiki form', which is simply a (data and data type aware) template editor. It edits calls to the 'BioWiki template'. The template itself formats and annotates the data passed in the template call. Again, changing the structure of the data requires editing both the form and the template together, ensuring that all BioWiki pages carry the correct template.

For quick reference:


The site was migrated from a temporary location using the following Perl scripts to interface the MediaWiki::API:


Wiki activity script

Here is the first working prototype for the wiki activity script.

The working script is now available here:

BioWiki demo queries

BioWiki page modification date query

Useful for debugging:

Recently modified BioWikis 
SubtiWiki, Sajun.Org, SNPedia, SEQwiki, PyMOLWiki … further results
Least recently modified BioWikis, Topsan, Proteopedia, MetaBase, WikiGenes … further results

BioWiki API URL query

MediaWiki API URL
BioPerl Wiki
… further results


Try a query...

Bio2RDF, BioFoundation.Net, BioPedia, BioPerl Wiki,, Bioinformatics.Org Wiki,, Biomatics.Org,,,, Brede Wiki, Bvio, CCP4 users' wiki, CHDWiki,, DrugMet, EcoliWiki, GMOD Wiki, GONUTS, Gene Ontology Consortium Wiki, Gene Wiki, Genomics.Org, Jmol Wiki, MetaBase, Metagenes, MyBio, NeuroLex, NeuroWiki,, OpenWetWare, PDBWiki, Proteopedia, PyMOLWiki, SEQwiki, SNPedia, Sajun.Org, SubtiWiki, SubtilisWiki, TFe, Topsan, WikiGenes, WikiPathways, WikiProject RNA, XDSwiki, Xenopus Wiki


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